Conveyancing process and legal documents

Fired director Rollins Davis and ousted board chairman Cliff Cooper have said they do not accept the board's decision of May 20 and that they are still legally in control of the troubled agency that historically has been the voice of Covington's African- American community. William Walker, a board member, said he is fielding calls from people who are angry and from people who applaud the board's action. The property conveyancer may express that if any unforeseen issues emerge these will be managed through an additional charge. The support calls outnumber the others, he said. "People are happy that we're taking action. Read more

"The police, a lot of times, they don't get the credit they should,'' City Commissioner Jerry Bamberger said. Local dry cleaners are worried that an environmental movement in Southern California could take away a solvent they've used for 50 years to clean stains out of clothes. Perchloroethylene — known as "perc'' in the industry — is a superb cleaner, but it can pollute soil, water and air. Some studies also have linked it to cancer, although that link has not been proven. Local cleaners say perc is safe when handled correctly, but some are considering switching to another cleaning method because of the controversy.
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